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Gang Articles

Youth Gangs in Schools" James C. Howell and James P. Lynch (2000)

"Modern-Day Youth Gangs" James C. Howell, Arlen Egley, Jr., and Debra K. Gelason (2002)

"Preventing Adolescent Gang Involvement" Finn-Aage Esbensen (2000)

"Youth Gangs: an Overview" Howell, J.C. (1998) Washington, DC: OJJDP

"The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection" Howell, J.C.; and Decker, S.H. (1999) Washington, DC: OJJDP

"Gang Membership, Delinquent Peers, and Delinquent Behavior" Battin-Pearson, S.R.; Thornberry, T.P.; Hawkins, J.D.; Krohn, M.D. (1998) Washington, DC: OJJDP

"A Comprehensive response to America's Youth Gang Problem" Burch, J.H.; and Chemers, B.M. (1997) Washington, DC: OJJDP

"Implementing the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model" Burch, J.; and Kane, C. (1999) Washington, DC OJJDP

"Alcohol and Violence in the Lives of Gang Members" Geofrey P. Hunt, Ph.D. and Karen Joe Laidler, Ph.D. (2001)