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The Archdiocese of Baltimore Department of Catholic Schools Report Card

Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic School Facts
Average Class Size 21
Recognized Blue Ribbon Schools 14*
Students Graduating from High School 100%
Students Attending College 99%
Schools Participating in Community Outreach 100%
Average Tuition Cost for Elementary School $6,162**
College Scholarships Awarded to Catholic High School Students in 2015 $200+ million
Catholic Parishes Represented
Over 250
Student Body Residency
Over 300 Zip Codes from 3 States
*since 2008
**parishioner rate; does not include independent schools



National Test Results
Elementary School Students
Score in the Top 43% of Nation or Higher
Middle School Students
Score in the Top 33% in Math, Reading, and Science
High School Students
Average 114 Points Higher on SAT
than the National Average in 2016

Average 136 Points Higher on SAT than the Maryland Average in 2016



Student Enrollment
2016-2017 Enrollment 25,105 students
48 Elementary & Middle Schools 15,572 students
20 High Schools 9,533 students
PreK School Programs 43
1 Special Education School (11-21 yrs) 115 students


68 Schools in 9 Jurisdictions
Allegany County
Anne Arundel County
Baltimore City
Baltimore County
Carroll County
Frederick County
Harford County
Howard County
Washington County