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Our Parish ~ Our People: A Fall Offertory Program

Our Parish ~ Our People is a FREE Offertory Program designed to help pastors and parish leaders clearly communicate their parish's needs and the overall benefit to the community that will result from parishioners providing financial support.  All components are completely customizable, a customization that, if followed as instructed, has shown to increase offertory donations by 8-12%.

Our Parish ~ Our People is designed to be easily facilitated over a five-week period.  The program will provide you with the following components that are available, in both English and Spanish, and will allow you to download and customize them to fit your needs:

  • Posters
  • Brochures/Commitment Cards
  • Letters and mailing materials
  • Manual
  • Lay-witness speaking points and tips
  • Homily speaking points
  • Bulletin and pulpit announcements
  • Prayers of the Faithful

Parishes are encouraged to take full advantage of this FREE comprehensive program. Brochures and posters that can be customized and printed for your parish are available free of charge. In addition, Our Parish ~ Our People offers a low-cost option for the production and mailing of your letters through an outside vendor.

Along with the objective of improving finances, this program will help to unite parishioners and give them a common goal, a sense of belonging and a clear vision of the future of their parish.

For additional information and to get started today, please contact the Development Office by phone at 410-547-5356 or by email.

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