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Equip for Ministry

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A process of Lay Ministry Formation in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Equip is for all those in our parishes and schools who are part of:

Catechetical Ministry Youth Ministry
Worship Ministries Adult Faith Formation
Campus Ministry Marriage Ministry
Disability Ministry Finance Committees
Pastoral Councils Social Justice Ministry
Prison Ministry RCIA Teams

Special Price:  $45/Person!!!!

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Equip for Ministry offers blemded formational courses with gathered sessions and online learning.  It is based on the four areas of formation outlined in Co-Workers In the Vineyard - Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral. The formation process consists of two levels: Level One and Level Two. Level One is comprised of one course in each of the four areas, and Level Two includes one course in each of the Spiritual, Human and Pastoral areas, and three courses in the intellectual area.

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Guidelines, Creating a Culture of Formation Report and the staff tool for Creating a Culture of Formation can be found here!

Equip for Ministry is a process of formation for Lay Ministers (aka "volunteers") throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A separate process of formation for Lay Ecclesial Ministers will be developed based on the Common Standards/Competencies and will be directly focused on Lay Ecclesial Ministry. Lay Ecclesial Ministers who would like to participate in Equip are more than welcome to do so, but it will not replace the future Lay Ecclesial Ministry formation process.


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