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St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

General Information:
10800 Old Court Road
Woodstock MD 21163
Phone: (410) 461-5267
Fax: (410) 750-7286
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Parish Staff:
Rev. Joseph Lacey, S.J., Pastor
Rev. Joseph Currie, S.J., Associate Pastor
Rev. William Dawson, S.J., Priest
Dolores Papania, Religious Educator
Valerie Herrington, Youth Minister
Sam Johnston, Director of Music
Mary Mathena, Business Manager
Laura Munns, Business Manager
Scott Walker, Music Minister


Established 1869.

Confessions ½ hour before all weekend masses, or on request.

Religious Education:High School, Sundays 6-8 p.m.; Middle School, Wednesday twice a month. Call for days and times for the Youth Ministry Bible Study and Monthly Youth Mass.

Catholic Review Parish Profile

Mass Times:

A: Young Adult
B: Byzantine
C: Children
D: Deaf
E: Teen
F: Family
H: Choir
K: Korean
L: Latin
M: Communion Service
P: Polish
R: Contemporary / Folk
S: Spanish
T: Tridentine
U: Lithuanian
Y: Prayer Service
Z: Special
X: Music

Special Mass Times: